Feminist Frocks: International Women’s Day Style

Thursday, March 8 was International Women’s Day. For the occasion, I busted out my awesome ASOS Curve tee with the slogan: “We should all be feminists.”

When I was 17 and moved to Edmonton for university, I thought feminism was a bad word, meant for people who were extreme in their thinking. In the intervening (15!) years, I’ve grown wiser and now I know that feminism is actually about the intersection of equality and equity.

In a nutshell, equality in terms of feminism means not only lifting up women in general, but lifting up trans women, women of colour, and differently abled women. Looking at all of these perspectives is where the term “intersectional” comes in. Equity means lifting those with more challenges or barriers even higher. Why? Because people that face more stigma and barriers are at a starting line that’s further back from others that don’t face the same challenges.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

So, yes, I think we should all be feminists.

I’ve rounded up some feministy tees and sweatshirts below (all from Amazon.ca, all $12-36 CAD) in case you also want to wear your heart on your sleeve 😁

Have a great day everyone!


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