A Short YEG to YYZ to LaGuardia Airport Review

I really really need to start posting smaller posts as I go rather than waiting for some all-encompassing review of places I go!

To that end, here’s the quick and dirty on LaGuardia airport, flying from Edmonton via Toronto to New York.

First, make sure you have more than 1 h 20 mins to transfer in Toronto. WestJet had a weather issue that delayed our crew (which coincidentally happened to my in-laws as well, so now I’m wondering if they’re running too lean on personnel…). Because of this delay, we missed our flight in Toronto and had to wait more than 6 hours for the next flight. With no compensation.

Toronto has very little in the way of amenities and not much seating.

LaGuardia is actually pretty great for a smaller airport. WestJet flies in and out of Terminal D. We are at our gate now and we have seats with 12V AND USB plug-ins between each seat! We passed many food options, including a salad buffet. Security took about 10 minutes at 2pm.

From Midtown Manhattan to and from LaGuardia, we paid about $45USD for an Uber and it took around 30 minutes.

Overall, I recommend flying in to LaGuardia from WestJet. I’ll update this post if we have any delays on our way home!

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