Hey readers. This is a blog about a variety of topics with one common thread – resourcefulness. I was interested in sharing information about online shopping in Canada, contests, things to do in Edmonton, and lifehacks that I incorporate in my career and personal life. All of these topics really boil down to doing things as efficiently as possible.

The blog title – Fully Resourceful – is also meant to poke a little fun at my home province of Alberta, which has a resource-reliant economy.

Who am I?

It won’t surprise friends & family to know my Myers-Briggs result is ENTJ, or “The Commander.” I tell you this because it shows you my motivation to optimize process in anything I do. I think of things as a game. How many expense claims can I process in an hour? What is the least expensive and fastest way I can get groceries shipped to my house?  Which are the most fun board games for a specific set of people?

My hope is to share the research that I do for life optimization with you. It will have a distinctly Canadian bent, which I think is lacking in the online shopping sphere. Posts will take on one of five themes: financial (Money Monday), learning (Teach Me Tuesday), contest (Winning Wednesday), products and recipes (Nice Thing Thursday), and entertainment (Fun Friday).

Hope you find information that is useful in your life!






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